PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support
PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support

What's New?

PSA has designed our very own prepay platform, Paramount Prepay! Click here to find out how Paramount Prepay allows you to keep more of the revenue you earn!





Our Approach to Success


Our success comes from our commitment to excellence and superior customer service.


First, we pursue a conservative approach to growth and customer support. Our philosophy is that we will support new customers with the same level of support our existing customers enjoy.


Second, we make sure when adding additional customers, we continue to give existing customers outstanding service.


Third, when we propose our system, we do so expecting to form a long-term relationship benefitting both customer and PSA.


Finally, we value our customers, their ideas, and their staff. PSA offers real support, not automated attendants, unanswered voice mail, and long overdue projects. As we look back on our history, it is evident that our philosophy is on target.


Our Platform

Are you looking for a wireless billing solution designed specifically for the wireless industry that operates on a computer platform that is 99.7% downtime free, and is supported by people dedicated to their customer's success? PSAs PSA Postpaid and complementary products will deliver. Powerful, flexible and proven are just a few of the words that describe PSA's unique approach to wireless billing. PSA Postpaid includes an ever increasing selection of PSA's custom designed features and enhancements allowing you to change and adapt as fast as the wireless marketplace changes. Our products have always and will continue to work on the various platforms and technologies found within the wireless industry. Current technologies in use are CDMA, GSM, LTE, and WiMax. PSA can also support legacy TDMA and analog systems as well. The heart of the system is a powerful, relational database that offers unmatched flexibility to meet customers' needs, both now and in the future.

Don’t Be Held Back by your Billing Provider!

Surprisingly, there are still wireless providers today who are limited by their billing vendor. PSA’s 100+ years of experience in the wireless industry provides our customers with a vast pool of resources. Today’s environment demands providers must initiate changes or new offerings quickly if they wish to remain profitable and retain customers. PSA provides the necessary products and services to support you in maintaining your position as a leader in the wireless market place. No overseas calls for support or waiting weeks to get modifications enacted. The power and capabilities of PSA Postpaid provides implementation of critical changes vital to your business. Envision all of this flexibility, reliability, and power made available to you in the most accurate billing system available. No matter the challenge, PSA Postpaid will keep you ahead of the competition. 

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