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PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support

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Trouble Tickets

Trouble tickets can be used for both notification messaging and trouble tracking of service or inventory issues. The system alerts users to promises or actions that need to be addressed for certain customers. This is useful to track problems in the network, set reminders to follow up with customers, or to assign users to various tasks. The codes used to create and close the tickets are user defined.     They are only limited by your imagination on what types of tracking you are interested in recording!

Promise to Pay

Promise to Pay is run through the Trouble Tickets module and is closely integrated with the collections processes. With Promise to Pay, you can enter and manage a payment schedule for past due customers. When a Promise to Pay is entered for a past due customer, it protects the customer from suspension. However, if the customer misses a scheduled payment, or pays less than the promised amount, the customer will either be automatically suspended or will appear on the next day's Promise to Pay report for manual management. The choice is yours. 

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