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PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support

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PSA has designed our very own prepay platform, Paramount Prepay! Click here to find out how Paramount Prepay allows you to keep more of the revenue you earn!






Inventory is integrated into PSA Postpaid along with many controls and reports to help you stay on top of your company's inventory. The inventory system can notify you when reorder points are reached. It provides reports for reconciliation and inventory control while tracking inner-company transfers. With built in purchase orders, the system is designed to reduce the chance of over/under ordering. PSA Postpaid helps you monitor your inventory with less manual intervention. 


The inventory system provides:

  • Over 30 reports such as -On Hand, Cost of Goods, Sales, Catalog items, purchase orders, inner company transfers, serial number tracking, etc.
  • Vendor database
  • Reorder point and email notification
  • Client definable price points
  • Track by IMEI or ESN/MEID
  • Scanning for receiving and selling equipment.
  • Sales history by product or location
  • Loaner/Demo/Repair functions
  • Purchase orders and history by vendor



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