PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support
PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support

What's New?

PSA has designed our very own prepay platform, Paramount Prepay! Click here to find out how Paramount Prepay allows you to keep more of the revenue you earn!





Paramount Prepay

The most flexible prepay platform available!

You should be able to do prepay your way. PSA introduces our newly developed prepay platform, Paramount Prepay. It is designed around an open concept that will allow you to set it up and run it however you wish. Most importantly, Paramount Prepay ensures that you keep more of your revenue by offering low up-front and low recurring costs.

Paramount Prepay is a stand alone system providing web service APIs that can interface with your billing vendor.

Just look at what is standard:

  • Set multiple Service Areas with varying rates for voice, messaging and data. 
  • International Rating capabilities. 
  • Customer balance updated in real time, even when roaming. 
  • Voice, messaging and data; or any combination of the 3. 
  • No hardware to install. 
  • Fast rate plan deployment with PSA's assistance; you are not alone.
  • Superior PSA support. 
  • No annual recurring fees. 
  • The most affordable prepaid solution available. 
  • GSM available now; CDMA in development. 


Paramount Prepay is designed to be FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE so you can begin doing business the way you want to, not the way your prepay vendor requires.

Paramount Prepay can be quickly deployed, allowing you to keep more of your revenue sooner!

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