PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support
PSA: Powerful Solutions; Unmatched Support

What's New?

PSA has designed our very own prepay platform, Paramount Prepay! Click here to find out how Paramount Prepay allows you to keep more of the revenue you earn!





Our long history of innovation and support keeps you ahead of the curve in the wireless industry.

  • PSA was created in 1980 to provide community banks with an affordable in-house data processing solution embracing IBM's hardware and operating systems. IBM and PSA have been partners since 1980 and continue to provide companies with affordable software and hardware solutions to meet their business needs.


  • We provide powerful software and unmatched service. PSA is a stable, privately-owned, Texas Corporation with the same ownership dating back to 1980.


  • PSA released its first version of cellular billing software in 1991. Throughout the years, our staff has continued to develop and enhance the record decoding, conversion, processing, billing and mediation products for the various technologies and the various manufacturers.


  • PSA continually enhances its software as the wireless industry changes and evolves. Over the years, we have added enhancements and written new applications keeping our customers at the cutting edge they desire to be at. Today, PSA offers an even more complete system for post-paid billing than ever before.


  • PSA has also worked with the various tier 1 carriers in their multiple small carrier partnership ventures. We have experience with Sprint and most recently have won approval and IT certification from Verizon Wireless for their rural initiative.


  • All of our billing, record processing, mediation and customer care products have been developed, enhanced, and supported by our own in-house staff. There are no third parties.


  • PSA is releasing its new pre-paid platform in 2013 for pre-paid services. Click here to find out more information about Paramount Prepay!
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